What are emissions?

Emissions are the gasses that are expelled from petrol and diesel engines via the exhaust system. They are made up of Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen, hydrocarbons and particulate matter, all of which are normal by-products of running a car engine. Coby Autos are experts in dealing with emissions on both petrol and diesel engines.

These emissions are bad for the environment. In high concentrations, they also pose a threat to human health. This is why there are strict regulations set by the Euro Emissions standards, and of course, the Irish Government via the NCT.

Most modern cars when properly maintained will produce reasonably small or acceptable emission levels. Engine design has evolved greatly over the years, to the extent that a car manufactured in the 1970s produced the equivalent emissions of fifty of todays cars. However, increasingly stringent limits have been set on a European level and this impacts on all of us driving cars today.

If your car or vehicle does not pass these strict emissions test, it will not pass the NCT.

What affects emission levels?

There are a number of factors – a poorly maintained car is likely to have more issues. Also deteriorating spark plugs, spark plug wires, misadjusted timing or vacuum leaks can also be responsible if your issue is a very high hydrocarbon result.

If your issue is Carbon Monoxide related, it usually means that the fuel and air ratio is incorrect, and the problem likely lies with the fuel injection system.

Maurice says... Maurice Coby of Coby Autos www.cobyautos.ie

While most people only became aware of this issue when the NCT started, we at Coby Autos have been adjusting emission levels since the early 1990s. At our workshop, your emission levels were adjusted when your car was left in for service or when your engine was being tuned up for extra performance.

On modern cars the emissions are controlled by a computer, and are not adjustable without very specific (to the car) computer equipment and know-how.

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