It can be difficult to know which Fuel additive is best suited to your car or vehicle – and many motor factors may just recommend one for all or even sometimes the one that is most profitable for them to sell. Talk to us here at Coby Autos and we will advise you on the best options for your car. Call us on 01 459 1308 or use our contact form – if we’re not back to you within 30 minutes and you have work done with us within 7 days – we’ll give you €10 off any work costing over €100!

Fuel Efficiency

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Fuel efficiency is a form of thermal efficiency, meaning the efficiency of a process that converts chemical potential energy contained in a carrier fuel (i.e. petrol or diesel) into kinetic energy or work (i.e. the propulsion or driving of your vehicle forward).

What that means

Your fuel efficiency is a measure of how efficient your engine is in terms of how much fuel it consumes to drive a certain distance. For example, you would say that a car travels 60 miles per gallon of petrol (60mpg) is much more efficient than one that only travels 30 – 40 miles per gallon.
Engine Treatment Options - BG Products from Coby Autos

Where Fuel Additives can help

Fuel additives and oil products are very under rated in keeping your engine running well. Generally they work by either improving the efficiency of your fuel in a way that can improve your mpg – or by ensuring that the deposits caused by your engines’ combustion process are cleared / cleaned from the engine. Top shelf fuel additives will do both.
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The more you use your car, the more deposits will build up within your engine. This can cause loss of power, reduced MPG and other problems. Fuel Treatments or system cleaners will help to ensure that all aspects of your engine remain as clear as possible. They will help to remove deposits that already exist by removing hard baked deposits and cleaning the entire fuel system.

Diesel additives also have major benefits in maintaining a clean diesel engine, and will help to prevent problems that can occur with your DPF (Diesel Particulate Filters) such as clogging or your engine running in reduced power mode.

Coby Autos use the BG Products range of Fuel Additives. We’ve listed the main benefits of different types of additives below, but for more information see their website.

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Key Uses of Fuel Additives

  • Improve Fuel Economy / MPG
  • Restore Lost Performance
  • Reduces Emissions
  • Prevent Problems

Compression restoration & Engine flush

  • Remove more of the old oil
  • Restore vitally important compression
  • Restores Power & Economy
  • Prolongs life of emissions control devices (such as DPF etc)

Oil / Engine Protection

Soot formation in the oil can lead to accelerated wear of vital engine components

  • Increases Friction Resistance
  • Controls Soot formation
  • Raises Acid Resistance
  • Protects your engine for longer and better than standard oil