Call us today on 01 459 1308 to discuss any problems you may be having or to book your car in for a service. Calling us will always be the quickest way to get a response, but if you wish you can Book a car service online too.

We aim to get back to you within 30 minutes of your placing a booking – and if we don’t – we’ll give you €10 off your service with us.

Why service with Coby Autos?

We service all vehicles – including Hybrid & Fully Electric

All our staff in Coby Autos are fully trained up on servicing both hybrid and electric cars and we have the necessary equipment to test and repair any issues that arise. At Coby Autos we will take care of any problems your car may have. Our fully qualified technicians are of the highest standard, and due to ever evolving car systems and rapidly changing technology – staff at Coby Autos are constantly upskilling.

Servicing at Coby Autos

Service for all makes and models

At Coby Autos we cater for all makes and models, and after almost 30 years we have extensive experience and excellent knowledge of all problems whether specific to a particular model, or general to all.

Service tools for all makes and models

Most cars now have a service reminder built into the dash to let you know when your next car service is due, and this has to be reset when the service is carried out. At Coby Autos we automatically reset your service reminder whenever you have your car serviced with us.

Your Warranty is valid when serviced out of main dealer network.

Once the service parts are original parts, and the service schedule is correct, your warranty is not affected. Some main dealers would have you believe otherwise.

All work complete under one roof

At Coby Autos we can carry out all the work your car needs on site. Regardless of whatever servicing or parts you may need (e.g. tyres, Aircon, brakepads, exhaust, clutch, gearbox etc) we can do it all here.

Consult on all additional work

One problem with some workshops today is the one of price. We are hearing more and more of problems customers have had elsewhere where the final cost to them has differed wildly from that which was quoted initially. At Coby Autos any additional work required is always discussed with the customer in advance, so – whether you need tyres, have a leaky exhaust, or an additional emissions problem, we will lift the phone and consult you before undertaking any additional work that you may not have agreed to.

Servicing Imported Cars

At Coby Autos our technicians are well experienced working on Japanese imported cars, we can interface with their computer systems, and have built up an excellent network for both new and second hand parts.

Preventive maintenance

Maurice says... Maurice Coby of Coby Autos

Simple checks such as your oil level can save you a small fortune. A recent survey in the UK showed that it costs a staggering £300 million a year repairing car engines that have seized caused by low oil levels.

A look once a month at your tyres could save you a trip to a panel beater, or worse – the hospital. If your car / vehicle hasn’t been serviced in some time a trip to our workshop could save you a fortune in repairs at a later date – and in extreme cases – prevent a potentially serious accident.

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