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Ensuring your exhaust system is in good working order is very important for a number of reasons. Your fuel consumption / mileage, your safety (in car air quality), your cars’ power / torque, and your impact on the environment are all directly affected by how well or otherwise a car exhausts is functioning.

Free Exhausts System Check

We offer a free exhaust system check, and should you require some repair or replacement work we will advise you on all costs involved and fully discuss your options with you in advance of any work being done.

Why is it important?

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Your vehicle’s exhaust system is a series of chambers and pipes that take the gas emissions (exhaust fumes) created when fuel and air are burned in your car engine’s combustion chamber safely to the back of the car. It begins at the engine and ends at the back of the vehicle. It’s function is to:

  1. Get rid of exhaust gases
  2. Reduce Engine Noise
  3. Maintain optimum fuel efficiency
  4. Process some of the exhaust gases in the catalytic convertor to reduce the impact of Carbon Monoxide etc on the environment

Exhaust gases are comprised mainly of Nitrogen, Water Vapour and Carbon Dioxide. While these gases are not toxic or noxious, your exhaust gas will also contain small amounts of Carbon Monoxide (CO2), and Hydrocarbons such as Nitrogen oxide and Nitrogen Monoxide. These gases are toxic and quite dangerous if one is exposed to them for any length of time.

As your exhaust system is the only means by which these gases are transported from your car’s engine safely away to the rear it is vital that your exhaust system is checked regularly. A faulty exhaust system can lead to these noxious gases being fed into the main body of your car / vehicle, and can lead to occupant (including driver) drowsiness.

Drowsiness / tiredness in a car can be fatal.

From the site: Sleepiness and driving is a dangerous combination. Most people are aware of the dangers of drinking and driving but don’t realize that drowsy driving can be just as fatal. Like alcohol, sleepiness slows reaction time, decreases awareness, impairs judgment and increases your risk of crashing.

Reducing Engine noise

A faulty or damaged exhaust system is also quite likely to produce a lot of noise.

NCT Problems

As well as the dangers posed by a damaged exhaust, a car or vehicle with a compromised exhausts is very likely to fail an NCT test due to high emission readings or visible damage to the exhaust pipe, backbox, catalytic convertor or elsewhere. In some cases, it is possible to just replace a part (e.g. a backbox) whereas sometimes it’s more economical in the long run to replace it completely.

Your Coby Autos Specialist will be able to diagnose the problem and will advise you on how best to proceed.

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