With our state of the art diagnostics computer systems and a full NCT test lane, we are best positioned to fit / refit or recondition your gearbox. We will ensure that everything is running to perfection.

If you’re having problems with your gearbox, why not talk to us? Call Us and find out what your options are. We can quickly give you a very good idea of what’s involved.

Alternatively, you can fill out our Contact Us form – and we’ll get back to you within 30 minutes. If we take any longer, we’ll knock €10 off any work you have done with us within the next 7 days!
Coby Autos specialise in servicing and replacing automatic, semi-automatic and manual gearboxes. We also service, repair and replace clutches.

How long does it take?

Where you make an appointment with us we will order the necessary parts in and arrange a time with you to service or replace your gearbox. Therefore your time off the road is minimized. We offer a fast gearbox and clutch repair service on all cars, vans, commercials etc. We can usually have your vehicle back to you within one working day – or less if pre-booked.

What are my options should I need a replacement gearbox?

Coby Autos can fit either new or pre-used gearboxes to suit. All of our pre-used gearboxes have been stringently tested and are fully guaranteed for 12 months.