Coby Autos supply and fit all major makes of tyres at competitive rates. If you have a query on pricing, pick up the phone and chat to us on 01 459 1308 for an immediate price or fill in our Contact Us form here. If we’re not back to you within 30 minutes, and you go on to buy two or more tyres within seven days, we’ll knock €10 off your bill!

Coby Autos can also fit snow socks and tyre chains in wintertime. See our Alignment & Tracking page and our Winter Car Care pages.

With two tyre deliveries daily, you can rest assured that if we don’t have your tyre in the morning, we will by the afternoon!

On a daily basis most of us take our cars completely for granted. We generally use our cars daily – and for sometimes extended periods – and just always expect them to be functioning at their optimum with very little input – other than petrol / diesel.

One of the most often overlooked parts of your car is also one of the most important – your tyres.

Tyres - Did you know


  1. are the only contact your car has with the road
  2. surface area that touches the road is very small – typically the size of the average hand
  3. carry the entire weight of your vehicle and all people / items within it
  4. control to a large degree how your car will react when you need to brake hard or turn sharply
  5. absorbs the shock / friction of every bump, uneven surface, dirt, mud, snow, ice, etc on the roads
  6. legally must have a tread depth of at least 1.6mm

Things to regularly Check

Tread Depth

Ensure that your tyres tread depth is not less than 1.6mm. Driving tyres will little tread is very dangerous and can also result in a fine of €2,500, a 3 month prison sentence and five penalty points.

Correct Inflation Pressure

Ensure that your tyres are inflated as per manufacturers specifications at least once a month

We supply tyres from all major brands at the most competitive rates - Coby Autos -

Tyre Condition

Watch out for:

  1. Cracking of side wall
  2. Distortion of tyre thread
  3. Deformities of tyre
  4. Damage / cuts / bulges
  5. Perished rubber
  6. Anything unusual

View the RSA guidebook on Tyre Safety for more information.

All tyre makes available (New & Second-hand)

We have a complete Tyre service centre, with one of the largest selection of second hand / part worn tyres in Dublin. Maurice Coby has been in the Tyre business in Clondalkin for the almost 40 years, and has a wealth of knowledge and expertise. We are linked with all the major Tyre suppliers in Ireland (both north and south) to ensure when you inquire about a brand or price we can guarantee the most competitive prices.

Secondhand tyres or part worn tyres

Price gap between entry-level new tyres and second hand tyres is closing
Maurice says... Maurice Coby of Coby Autos

The difference in price between entry-level new tyres and second hand tyres is narrowing, and in many cases now the gap can be as small as €20 a tyre. For this reason we always recommend that where possible you should always purchase new tyres.

That said, we understand that in some cases this may not be possible. Rest assured that our secondhand tyre stock are all tested and pre-inflated to insure they pass our quality control. We have stayed loyal to our part worn yyre supplier in Germany, and this relationship has made sure that our orders include their top stock, with the most tread, and as many matching sets as possible.

All Tyres Fitted by mechanics and expert Tyre fitters.