Tyres Fitting 2

Tyres Fitting 2

Coby Autos supply and fit all major makes of tyres at competitive rates. If you have a query on pricing, pick up the phone and chat to us on 01 459 1308 for an immediate price or fill in our Contact Us form here. If we’re not back to you within 30 minutes, and you go on to buy two or more tyres within seven days, we’ll knock €10 off your bill!

Coby Autos can also fit snow socks and tyre chains in wintertime. See our Alignment & Tracking page and our Winter Car Care pages.

With two tyre deliveries daily, you can rest assured that if we don’t have your tyre in the morning, we will by the afternoon!

On a daily basis most of us take our cars completely for granted. We generally use our cars daily – and for sometimes extended periods – and just always expect them to be functioning at their optimum with very little input – other than petrol / diesel.

One of the most often overlooked parts of your car is also one of the most important – your tyres.