Using good quality car parts

Quality car parts
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Why buying cheap parts can be a faults economy.

We can all find stuff cheaper on the internet, and we all do it. But sometimes we get what we pay for. Even some garages source cheap motor parts for your servicing. We are well familiar with the signs along the road side, FULL SERVICE €79. This can be faults economy. I recently had a car in for diagnostics, the client had an engine light on his dash for his DPF, he told me that he just had a service on it, and when I enquired further, it was one of the cheap services and they did not have any plugin diagnostic equipment. This is now a basic requirement when servicing any modern diesel car or van. We always use quality car parts.

We can use main dealer quality car parts if requested.

Some main dealer parts now, are on par price wise with the equivalent motor factor parts. We do price comparisons on a regular basis with both, and have built up some good data on when its faults economy to buy the factor parts, when we can get the original parts from the mail dealer. Having said that, we now have discovered that allot of the main dealers are having to use cheaper parts from the motor factor sector, to compete with our non franchise network.